My name is Akis Apostolopoulos. I love studying businesses of all shapes and sizes. I spend a lot of time thinking and reading about Entrepreneurship. I created the Entrepreneurial Thinker as a place to consolidate all my thoughts about entrepreneurship.

I feel that most business advice today is focused on superficial and catchy headlines. Nobody wants to ask the deeper and more uncomfortable questions. Everyone focuses on catchy terms like growth and sales, but no one ever asks “Is this business actually making money, or are they just recycling debt?” My vision is to make this website a place where we ask deeper questions on how businesses are being run.

I live in Athens, Greece and am currently running two businesses. I have a classic brick and mortar manufacturing business dealing with construction materials. I also run an online education business.

Every week I send out a bulletin with the best stuff that I discovered on Entrepreneurship. Sign up here.

Akis Apostolopoulos